Shipping & Deliveries

All items, from large cabinets to minute pieces of trim, are carefully wrapped to insure their protection during shipping. Once protected, we hand load all items into our delivery trucks.  All products are inspected throughout the fabrication process as well as before loading and after delivery. Shipping documentation and in-house representatives accompany our shipments to ensure that unloading and handling of your product is carefully executed. Our caring of your product does not stop once it leaves our facility.

We have shipped products throughout the US, most of which have gone to Manhattan, North and East Fork of Long Island, and Coastal and Inland Connecticut. We have shipped to our clients in Maine and New Hampshire who own residences on Lakes & shorefront homes. From Boston to its surrounding suburbs, we have delivered throughout all of Massachusetts. We have crossed over the Continental Divide to Wyoming, LA, and Hollywood.

We are proud to say our products have even traveled and found their homes in Europe and the Caribbean Islands!