Pricing & Warranty


When working with Home Owners as well as the Professional Services, (Architects, Contractors, and Interior Designers), we receive and review all architectural plans, drawings and sketches. From this information, we generate and present a detailed proposal for each room and every item so you know exactly what you are paying for.


We stand behind, and warranty, each & every product that leaves our shop. We also include specific instructions on how to properly care for those products. The industry standard is one year, Housewrights will give you an unheard of limited “lifetime warranty” (Documentation will be available after we receive an invoiced final payment).

“Enjoy your new millwork, cabinetry, and furnishing!  Know that each piece was hand built with the same care as if built for myself.  Passion, Integrity, and attention to details... this is my promise to you.
Thank you and Enjoy!”

- John C. DeSario,
President, Housewrights Inc