We have renovated our 1846 townhouse in New York City not once, but twice, over the past 15 years and Housewrights did the millwork for both renovations.

The two jobs were stylistically opposites. The first renovation sought to restore the look of the original 1846 design. Housewrights built beautiful Greek Revival solid wood doors for all of the rooms, solid and stately moldings and doorframes and intricate shutters for the parlor floor-to-ceiling windows. Also involved were somewhat modern additions: radiator covers, a gorgeous maple kitchen, a solid walnut master bedroom and bath and a very detailed master
dressing room of built-ins with sliding ribbed-glass doors. Everything is gorgeous and perfectly built and installed.

The second renovation involved a lot of built-ins by Housewright. We re- renovated the kitchen, family room and one child’s bedroom. This time the design was modern, sleek and minimal. I was very impressed with how easily they were able to switch gears and do an equally perfect job on a completely opposite design style! The kitchen cabinets are flat-fronted and lacquer finished. The family room cabinets are faced in zebra-wood, which can be tricky to match, but Housewrights did an impeccable job. The child’s bedroom is a tiny room and we needed to maximum space and storage. John worked with me to design a built-in bed with dresser drawers and shelving that works perfectly. All of this work has stood not only the test of time, but also the true test of the wear-and-tear of a family of five over 15 years!

A few years ago, we tore down our country house in Woodstock, NY and rebuilt from scratch. The new house is a stone, glass and wood contemporary. Once again, Housewrights was enlisted to provide the millwork. They built the kitchen and all of the 5 bedrooms and baths, which have extensive cabinetry: dressers, closets and shelving. Housewrights again provided incredible quality work, while always being open to working with us and with the contractor to solve problems, add design input when needed and consult on design questions. I would not hesitate to enthusiastically recommend Housewrights for any job, whether classic or modern design, new house or renovation, large or small job, doors, cabinets or furniture!

-Rachel Cohen, New York City and Woodstock, NY April, 2011



I have known Johnnie since 1975, thirty-six year! At that time he was working as a timber frame home builder. He eventually started his own home construction business as Housewights, Inc. I have watched him evolve from hewing out rough logs, to a cabinetmaker, to a creator of fine wood creations. When I would see an incredible mahogany and brass entrance to a five star hotel or a museum quality piece of fine furniture I now understand what skill and care goes into the making of it.

Of additional importance to you as a customer is John's 100 percent commitment and caring about everything in his life. His commitment to his family has been no exception. I have watched his loving care for members of his extended family; and I have been in awe of his ability to find family time as he and his wife Yolanda raised three wonderful children. He brings the same caring to the business and is always mindful to the needs of his employees and clients.

This is a man that I am very proud to know. I can say unequivocally that you can't do better than to have this man working with you to insure the successful outcome of any special home or business project.

-James Smith, York,Maine