Cabinet Maker & Hand Crafted Furniture in Maine & New York | Housewrights Inc

In 1976 John DeSario founded Housewrights Incorporated and began his passionate journey of woodworking by building timber framed houses, then an almost forgotten art.  With the use of large chisels, axes, hand planes and wooden mallets, devoted craftsmen like John sculptured these majestic wood beamed structures. Over the years John’s love of woodworking transpired in a natural progression to the design and building of custom cabinetry. 35 years later, Housewrights has become one of New England’s finest and most respected creators of high-end custom architectural millwork, including classical custom cabinetry and one-of-a-kind fine furniture.

Located in York, Maine, Housewrights promotes the reputation that New England’s craftsmen have gained as highly skilled and respected woodworkers.  John selects only the most qualified craftsmen who are as passionate about their work as he is to join the Housewrights team.  For over 35 years Housewrights has been providing clients with high-quality, hand made-to-last millwork and cabinetry, pristine art to be passed down and enjoyed from generation to generation.

“As a teenager, I use to walk through residential homes under construction in awe of how buildings were constructed, framed, and divided into rooms.  At the age of 21 I had completed certificate courses in Architectural Drawings and Woodworking.  Next, I enrolled at the Boston Architectural Center in the study of architecture and design.  A life long study and working knowledge of carpentry and woodworking, furniture and cabinetmaking, coupled with personal relations with master carpenters, cabinet and furniture makers, wood carvers and industry professionals, has brought my skills and talents into full circle.  The learning process of this art never ends…love of this art is forever part of my soul and passion in life.”
- John C. DeSario
President, Housewrights, Inc.